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What Is Reflexology?
Reflexologists use fingers and thumbs to work on reflex areas on the feet or hands which relate to different areas of the body, including organs and glands.

How Can Reflexology Benefit Me?
Reflexology can reduce stress and tension, improve circulation and aid the unblocking of nerve impulses, helping the body to address inbalances in the system.

People of all ages and walks of life can benefit from reflexology. As well as feeling relaxed, balanced and refreshed, many people state that they experienced other benefits including improved sleep, lower anxiety and a reduction in pain.

What Does The Research Say?
There is a growing body of research regarding the potential benefits of reflexology from organisations across the world. Should you wish to review some of this research, it can be found through sites such as the University of Minnesota Taking Charge Of Your Health and Wellbeing, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence or the Reflexology Research Project.

What Should I Expect?
You can either attend a pre-booked appointment at my comfortable treatment room or you can request an appointment in your home if you live in the 3084 postcode area. The first session includes an initial assessment which will cover areas such as health, lifestyle, medical conditions and current medication/treatment. This assessment means that your first appointment will be up to 90 minutes long; subsequent appointments will be 60 minutes.

During the appointment you will be seated in a recliner chair and be required to take off your shoes and socks so that your feet can be worked on. The video below, from the Association of Reflexology UK explains more:

What Does It Cost and How Do I Book An Appointment?
Sessions are around 60 minutes long and cost $60 per session. Call Katie on 0433 719147 or email to discuss your needs. There is unrestricted on street parking at the premises. Please note that mobile appointments incur a $15 surcharge for travel and the location must have parking with easy access to the property in order to carry in the required equipment.

Katie Lorentz Reflexologist in Viewbank What Are Your Opening Times?
Appointments are available 6 days a week, daytime and evening, however we are closed on all public holidays and Sundays.

About Me
Katie holds professional membership with the Reflexology Association of Australia (Membership No 3781) and is formally qualified and insured, having trained in the original Ingham method with the International Institute of Reflexology.

Prior to working with Clear Reflections Health and Wellbeing, Katie worked in the healthcare industry for 16 years as an Occupational Therapist helping people acheive their goals.